Crows & rabbits dancing?

Boz'o my friends,

     Does anyone have any comments, input, ideas on the following.

Yesterday (June 1) while walking from the parking garage to work at
around 7:30 a.m. I noticed a Crow on the sidewalk. The Crow jumped up in
the air about 2 feet and then I saw a Rabbit run under it. The Crow came
back down and turned around and faced the Rabbit. The Rabbit, now about 3
feet away from Crow turned around and faced the Crow. The Rabbit charged (?)
at the Crow, the Crow jumped up in the air about 2 feet again, came down
and turned around to face the Rabbit. The Rabbit again turned around and
ran at the Crow again. I desided this was interesting and wanted to
watch so I jumped up un a small wall that runs along the sidewalk
and watched for awhile. Crow and Rabbit continued this dance (?) for
about 3 to 4 minutes, then the Crow layed down on his back. The Rabbit
ran at the Crow and when the Rabbit got close enough Crow kicked at the
Rabbit. The Rabbit stopped, moved back a few steps, moved over a little
and ran at Crow again; again Crow kicked at Rabbit causing it to
retreat and try again. This happened about 4 or 5 times, then Rabbit
turned and hopped away dissapearing into some bushes that were nearby.
The Crow just stayed there on his back looking at the bushes as if
waiting for the Rabbit to come back and try again. After about a half of
minute of this I thought I had better get on to work. When I left, Crow
was still lying on his back cocking his head back and forth looking
towards the bushes where Rabbit went.
     Later on that day I asked some other people who work in the same
building, and go the same way I do at the same time, if they saw the Crow
& Rabbit. No one else said they saw it. No one else said that they have
ever heard, or seen, such a thing. They were plane as day and right in
the middle of the sidewalk. I know that I was not hallucinating. Anyone
have any comments... at least any comments that they can print in public?
As always,

                             Keep The Faith,
                              Jim Derringer